“Youth in the Kyrgyz Republic” compendium

26 December 2014


On 16 December 2014 National Statistics Committee presented new statistical compendium “Youth in the Kyrgyz Republic.” The publication was developed by the National Statistic Committee with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The compendium contains data on the situation of youth in all spheres of social and political life in the dynamics of 2009-2013. It is intended for use of senior management staff, managers and employees of enterprises and organizations, academia, business and banking community, faculty members, graduate students and other interested data users.

Currently  there are  about 1.7 million of youth in Kyrgyzstan. Young people aged 14-28  constitute more than a third of total population. The young generation of the republic is the main strategic resource of the state, which has a great socio-economic, cultural, creative and scientific potential. Therefore, availability of complete, affordable and reliable information is an essential tool for the development of policies and programs for the effective use of youth’s potential in social and economic development of the country.

The compendium will be prepared on regular basis.