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Bishkek, June 23, 2015 40% of surveyed students do not consider their home fathers a role model and a prime example, and 43% of girls do not want their future husband was like a father. These data have been identified by United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, as part of the study “Gender norms and practices in maternal and reproductive health, family planning, paternity and domestic violence” in Talas and Chui regions.

Today, when the institution of the family is in a crisis, responsible fatherhood was the main topic of the round table. Currently, the role of men in many families is minimized. On the one hand, fathers lost their former authority, on the other hand, having lost the patriarchal altitude and inaccessibility, they got no closer to the children and don’t spend more time with them. In the Kyrgyz Republic NSC daily time spent on the education of children from fathers is only 36 minutes a day, which confirms the findings.

However, there is no doubt that in the modern world a man can not only find new ways of the male self-expression, but also obtain a high emotional satisfaction through the experience of caring for children, as well as taking part in their upbringing. In addition, the involvement of men in the care and upbringing of children is necessary for the general welfare of the family, mother and child health. In developed countries, a major factor in family planning and deciding on the number of children is a high degree of involvement of the future father in the upbringing of children. Involvement of men in the prenatal period and early childhood can lead to positive outcomes for fathers, mothers and children, including an increase in the likelihood that the father will be involved in child care throughout their lives, “- said Meder Omurzakov, UNFPA Assistant Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The practice of involvement of men to promote the value of responsible fatherhood and promote further direction to strengthen the family and the division of responsibilities for the care of children was tested in the framework of the “responsible fatherhood” Campaign in Talas oblast.

UNFPA with the participation of representatives of the Kyrgyz Government and the general public, offers to discuss the results of the pilot studies and campaigns at the round table to be held on June 23, 2015 in Park Hotel