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During the COVID-19 outbreak, help must be given to poor and/or large families, people living with TB, HIV and palliative patients.

Together with our partner – the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) – we are providing not only food packages, but also basic hygiene kits.

One of our recipients is Aigul (name is changed) – a 37-year-old young woman. Since childhood, Aigul has a disability related to cardiovascular disease. Aigul got married early. She has two children. Her husband left her when she was pregnant with her second child. Now, she is alone raising her son and daughter.

Aigul said that she does not have enough money for food and for elementary hygiene supplies, while there is nothing to pay for a rented apartment. She has worked in different temporary jobs. It was very difficult for her to find a permanent decent job. Just before the coronavirus outbreak and entered a state emergency in the country, she was invited for a probation to a fast-food setting. Officially, she was not employed yet. Over a month, she was searching for a job, and when she finally got it … Everyone was at home-isolation.

Aigul with a shy said that she is living with the help of her friends: “I give a call, and someone sends me 200-300 som. Sugar is running out. Almost no bread. I need to pay for the rent of apartment, but I have nothing. I do not know how long will be the quarantine. What to do in such situation. I do not know. Food aid and hygiene supplies were given very timely” , – said Aigul and thanked volunteers of RCS.