Learn more – become stronger

29 March 2016


Learn more – become stronger
I am 37 years old. I work in the international humanitarian community “Human appeal international” in Talas. They invited me to the 4-day training on inter-ethnic peacebuilding and I did not regret about hours I spent at the training. While participating in the training, I learned many useful things, for example, I often had to be a mediator, without meaning to, and I did not understand that this is also an important and responsible role. At this seminar, I learned what qualities a mediator should have, and I really liked it! I realized my own mistakes that played a significant role in my life. I have gained a knowledge about conflicts, methods and steps to resolve them, conflict prediction and prevention. I have learned a lot about my rights and responsibilities, about the state policy in the sphere of religion, the role of religious leaders in building a peaceful community and many other interesting things. Now I understand better that peace begins at home, so we as women also make a significant contribution to the development of humankind.
After the training, we, the initiative group of Talas city, held a work of arranging green spaces in the central mosque of Al-al-Bayt, where we invited representatives of different nationalities, aiyl okmotu and social workers. I want to note that as a result of the joint work, we have formed a trusting, friendly relationship. I would really like to have people around us realize that Islam calls us to peacemaking and draws attention to the relationship of the inner and outer peace.
The training took place in a friendly and warm atmosphere; I would like more such trainings to take place for self-improvement, because the knowledge, especially the more useful knowledge man must instill a lifetime.
Story from Usupekova Aynura