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The training took place in Batken where a contraceptive prevalence rates is lowest in the Kyrgyz Republic.  The UN mission   participated at the FP training in Batken to observe the quality of comprehensive family planning training, to view an uptake of skills by trainees during practical exercise and to understand how much participants have really learned as a result of having attended the learning event. The national trainer, Dr. Gulbara Tashieva presented a demonstration of insertion and removal of intrauterine device using manikin. The Mission observed a participants reaction to the actual practical learning event as a result of attending the program.   Several questionnaires were asked by the mission during the training; for instance about acquired knowledge in order to understand how training reflected the needs of the participants. The one of the question was about participants’ general level of satisfaction with the learning event.  In summary, the one of the aim of UN mission was to encourage participants to self-assess their own learning strengths and gaps. The response from participants was positive in general.

One of the representatives of the mission raised issues about the necessity of holding FP training in Batken. The Head of Kyrgyz Family Planning Association NGO ( KFPA) highlighted that participated in this workshop for the first time and  Batken has one of the highest mortality rate  during the last three years and the high unmet need of family planning among seven region of country.  The participants also noted that information on the amount of knowledge transfer that took place, as well as, organizational impact was timely.

The KFPA organized the information campaign-month dedicated to family planning issues in Batken, which also announced the preparation of handicrafts for the understanding of contraceptive methods. The mission has acquainted with the fair of handicrafts products of the modern method of contraception prepared by health care providers and community.