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UNFPA jointly with the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan organized the provision of reproductive health services


In May 2021 an emergency situation occurred in southern Kyrgyzstan, in the Batken oblast. The victims were forced to evacuate to temporary tent camps. The temporarily displaced people were in need of food, reproductive health services and psycho-social support. In response to the Batken emergency and in order to cover some of the basic needs of women of reproductive age and their children, UNFPA - in close collaboration with MoHSD and RCS – supported the organization of medical services in some of the affected villages, procured 3000 dignity kits and selected RH kits. As many households were damaged and still being repaired or rebuilt, many villagers didn’t return to their houses and villages, thus increasing their vulnerability especially of pregnant women and infants. As such, two medical teams started to work in the affected villages from June 14th. Local health facilities were ready to provide all needed assistance including free ultra-sound scanning, basic lab analysis and when needed provide services for complex pregnancy or birth labor complications. The medical teams shared as initial feedback that the local population had shown a good response and high interest. Services included medical check-up, review of anamnesis, consultation about contraceptive use, pregnancy period, infant services etc. Due to some limitations and unavailability of certain laboratory or other specific services the medical teams were limited in the types of services they could provide.


This is Ainura's story. Ainura was forced to leave home with her family and evacuate

At the moment she's living in a temporary camp in Ak-Tatyr village.  Ainura is expecting a baby, and her pregnancy is being monitored by specialized doctors.Currently she is busy with housework and caring for her family in the temporary shelter, she hopes that soon she can return to her native village.