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Visit to the State Registration Service


On May 6 Executive Board members met with State Registration Service Chairperson(SRS) Mr. Tayirbek Sarpashev and Vice-Chairperson Mr. Dastan Dogoev. Mr. Tayirbek Sarpashev thanked UN Agencies for long-term cooperation and provided update on current projects implemented by SRS. 

UNFPA was particularly thanked for support in introduction of Population Register through legislation review and training of its staff in five regions in use of AIS ZAGS software.  Executive Board members were particularly interested in use of biometric data in elections, challenges, lessons learned and next steps.

SRS informed that use of biometric data enabled the Government to eliminate some of the issues during elections such as carousel voting and ballot box stuffing.  As a further step, SRS plans to introduce new biometric IDs which will be used in next Presidential elections. 

SRS requested support from UN Agencies in strengthening security of biometric data through improving environment for secure and uninterrupted work of the system and capacity-building of its staff.