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Fathers play an important role in raising children. Fathers' involvement in child-rearing and care not only has a positive impact on the overall development of the child but also strengthens the family by encouraging an equal sharing of household responsibilities between partners. It also creates a great climate in the family itself. Mothers have more time for themselves, which only helps in strengthening the unit of society. 

In developed countries, a major factor in family planning and the decision on the number of children is the high degree of involvement of the father-to-be in the process of child-rearing. Involving men in prenatal and early childhood can lead to positive outcomes for fathers, mothers, and children.

With this contest, we showed how many responsible fathers in our country are involved in their children's lives.

On May 24, the official awarding ceremony for the active participants of the contest took place at the UN House. Our participants gathered from all regions of Kyrgyzstan, received commemorative prizes, and also admitted that such events are very motivating for them and they are ready to continue to promote responsible fatherhood in their community.